While photographing Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi I became interested in what people have built for transport, fishing, shelter and war. Wondering about what endures over the years, I capture southern coastal structures to make them last.

Dismantled, destroyed, decommissioned or used daily, these boats, bridges, batteries and more appear vibrant in their decline and unready for oblivion, while newer ones such as the twin spans bridges over Lake Pontchartrain fluctuate in meaning when rendered abstract.

This long term project (2005-2018) captures gone forever structures such as New Orleans West Rigolets lighthouse on Lake Pontchartrain, officers quarters at Fort Pickens in Pensacola, re-built bridges and lingering pier fragments. If geography is destiny, the built environment along the rural seaboard holds clues for the future.

I am concerned with what disappears, over time or immediately and with what remains and why.