While photographing rural Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi through the years I became interested in what people have built for transportation, fishing, lodging and conflict protection. This long term project (2005-2018) captures gone forever structures such as the New Orleans West Rigolets lighthouse on Lake Pontchartrain, re-built bridges and more, recalling histories both personal and public.

Dismantled, destroyed, decommissioned or used daily, these bridges, houses, boats, and fortifications speak to a time when waterways were highways as an enduring legacy.

Structures from times past (many now destroyed), appear still vibrant in their decline, unready for oblivion, while newer ones such as the twin spans bridges over Lake Pontchartrain fluctuate in meaning when rendered abstract.

If geography is destiny, the built environment's relationship to nature along the southern seaboard holds clues for the future.

I am concerned with what disappears, over time or instantly and with what stays and why so I'm always looking for subtext in what I see.