Catching Paradise: Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain

Home to independent fishermen angling for crabs, fish, oysters, and shrimp, the brackish estuary known as Lake Pontchartrain provides a way of life, and is not only a source of food and work but also fosters community and cultural identity. While catch and pay can be uncertain there is the daily assurance of sublime scenery between sunsets.

This we share together.

My life has been shaped by Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain. I grew up just a few blocks from the lake’s south shore in New Orleans and now live right on its north shore, where from a high perch, I photograph these homemade vessels, each one of a kind. Last year, my husband rescued a crab boat in distress. The next day we received a half basket of tasty boiled Blue crabs. This is life on Lake Pontchartrain.