Tide Pull: Sun + Moon

The rise and fall of water or tide is pulled by gravitational forces of the sun and moon. While the moon goes from new, to full and back, the sun rotates 390 miles away, giving it 46 percent tide-generating forces of the moon. I photographed the sun and moon starting in 2006 perched from a house on an estuary known as Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. Feeling connected to something larger than myself, I found comfort in knowing people everywhere rely on the same sun and moon for light and tide. 

I use the camera to externalize my inner world. Taking pictures is a comfort and helps me understand natural phenomena. I like to not be up-tight about composition while sometimes obsessing over it and finding a rhythm and improvising.

In viewing the prints all together, salon-style, I found a meditative aspect that feels both dreamy and solid.

Although there are no eclipse pictures here, the event was the catalyst to print this series.